How to Take Proper Care of Your Baby and Pet Gates?

Investing in pet and baby gates is essential to ensure safety in homes with pets and young children. But you can’t just get them and never look back at it. Even pet and baby gates require maintenance to prevent them from rusting or falling apart.

When you get a pet gate, safety and security cross your mind first. And that can be ensured as long as you are keeping an eye on your gates. When you fail to check on gates, you risk watching your safety investment become a health hazard.

Sometimes the doors can break or the hinges can rust up. And this can be very dangerous for you, your pet and your child. So, how do you care for your gates?

We will go through all that you have to know to extend the survival of your indoor pet gate. And with that you will also be able to ensure that your pets are safe.

Let’s start:

General Care for Gates

Proper maintenance is key to ensuring that your pet and baby gates stay with you for a very long time. However, you should also know that a freestanding pet gate will have different maintenance plans depending on what material they are made out of. Here are some general tips:

Cleaning Your Gates Regularly

Always clean your gates regularly. That’s the first rule to follow. Over time, dirt and dust tend to grow on your gates. So, you should definitely go grab a towel, mild detergent and some hot water to wipe down your gate. Remember to focus more on hinges, corners and latches as dirt and dust grow here the most.

Tighten Any Loose Screws

As your walk through pet gates grow old, some screws may loosen up because of continuous usage. That is why you should remember to check the fasteners on your gates to tighten them up whenever they feel a little loose. This ensures that your gate does not fall apart one day when you are using it.

Lubricating Moving Parts

Another maintenance problem to look out for is lubrication. Just like how the baby gate’s hinges will loosen up, some parts of it may start rusting or rubbing against each other. And this is not supposed to happen. Whenever you feel like there is some resistance when trying to open the gate, apply some lubricating oil to the gate’s hinges and other moving parts.

Taking Care of Gates Made From Wood, Metal Or Plastic

As we said earlier, different materials require different maintenance techniques. Like, you can't use water for wood and metal doors the same way you use it for plastic. So, let’s get into the specifics:

1)Wooden Gates


Apart from regular cleaning and wiping down, wooden gates also need to be polished to make them look brand new. When wooden products grow old, they lose their color. And so, it is definitely easier to scratch them.

By polishing wood properly, you can restore its natural look and protect it from being easily damaged. Remember: Always trust the tips on the polish bottle. Too much polish can also be harmful.

Preventing Moisture Damage

Wood gates are very likely to be damaged by water. Especially when your child is prone to dropping things and pets likely to leave their marks. To protect your gates from moisture damage, regularly apply a weather resistant sealant. Using one that is designed for outdoors will generally be better.

Always remember to keep checking your gates out for any damage. This will include color changes and soft spots or even mold growth. If you do notice anything of the sort, deal with it immediately so it does not become a larger issue.

Pest Control

Wooden gates are also likely to attract a lot of pests such as termites. And these are bound to ruin the integrity of your gate. To prevent pest infestations, always keep your pet and baby gates away from plants that you may be growing inside the house. You can also treat the wooden gates with cedar oil or a pest resistant material.

2)Metal Gates

Preventing Rust

With metal gates, you should make sure that there is absolutely no contact with water. Or even if there is contact with water, it is immediately dried off. Metal gates will start rusting because of it which is very dangerous. If you notice any rust spots, brush it away with sandpaper very gently. You can also add a rust resistant primer to prevent more rusting.

3)Plastic Gates

Keep Away from Sunlight

If you have gotten a pet gate for stairs, chances are it is made of plastic. And so, you need to ensure that it does not receive prolonged exposure to sunlight. This can result in the color fading and the gates to become brittle with cracks.

It is better to keep your plastic gates away from the sun. However, your stairs receive direct light, you can also use a UV resistant spray. Remember to regularly look for any cracks or damage so you can take proper steps to deal with those issues.

Preventing Cracks

Apart from sun damage, plastic gates are generally susceptible to cracking. Especially if you lack care with them. To prevent your gates from cracking up, remember to be careful when handling them. Also, try not to lean against it or put any heavy things against it.

Remember to monitor your gates regularly for any signs of cracking. If you do notice it happening, it is better to replace the affected area before the crack worsens.

Making Sure That the Door Does Not Bend

If you are not careful with your plastic doors, you'll notice that they are bending. And we all know that isn't a good sign. When baby gates start bending, they won't close properly. And at some point, they may even fall apart.

To prevent that from happening, always be gentle with your plastic gates. They aren't designed to handle your weight so don't lean on them. And definitely don't put any heavy things on top of them either.

The Bottom Line

When you're trying to ensure safety in your homes, pet gates from Fairybaby are a must have. And we know how confusing maintenance can get. With our products, we're always sure to let pet owners and parents know the basics of how to take care of their gates.

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