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    Cat Gates

    Cat gates provide a simple solution for temporarily sectioning off parts of your home or flat. These gates are versatile, catering to a range of needs whether you're searching for a pressure-mounted, hardware-mounted, or a stand-alone cat gate, Fairybaby offers a variety of options.

    Cats are curious creatures, drawn to climb and leap, yet this behavior can sometimes pose risks to both their safety and your belongings. Installing an indoor cat gate can keep your cat friend out of restricted areas, such as your wardrobe. These gates serve multiple purposes: protecting your cat, preserving your furniture, and accommodating guests with pet allergies.

    Specifically designed gates for stairs prevent your cat from accessing stairs when you're not around, reducing the chance of mishaps. The taller gates are equipped with a small door for your cat, blocking larger pets while permitting your cat access when appropriate. The 55"/61" Extra Tall Cat Gate is ideal for most breeds, adaptable to odd-shaped or angled entryways, and can extend up to 12 inches with extra extensions. Installation is straightforward, eliminating any hassle. A one-touch release handle allows for easy passage. This extra tall design is especially suited for cats that can leap great heights. Cat gates are an effective way to limit access to certain areas of your house, whether to safeguard your pet or ensure guest comfort. Discover the ideal cat gate for your residence, and don't forget to take all your cat care essentials, from toys and beds to a variety of cat food options including dry, wet, and freeze-dried.

    Our 72 inches extra tall cat gate ensures your cat to stay where he belongs without jumping out! This specially designed tall cat gate is built with sturdy heavy metal material so you. don't worry that cats dash and destroy the cat gate. Have dogs and cats in your home? Our tall cat gates with walk through door perfectly solve the problem! Your dogs and cats can be safely kept in their places and they can walk through smoothly!

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    FAQs about Cat Gates

    1. How tall should a cat gate be to effectively contain cats?

      To effectively contain cats, a gate should be at least 30 inches tall. Cats are agile climbers, so a taller gate discourages jumping over. For particularly agile or determined cats, consider gates over 40 inches. Ensure the gate doesn't have wide gaps or horizontal bars that cats could use to climb over. Fairybaby has selected tall cat gates for cats who love to jump out. Most of them are beyond 60 inches.
    2. Can cat gates be used for kittens, and what features should I look for?

      Yes, cat gates can be used for kittens. They don't need to be extra tall, usually above 40 inches will do, yet they have to have narrow bar spacing to prevent kittens from squeezing through. Fairybaby has cat gate with narrow bar spacing that range from 55 inches to 72. inches. We also have a gate with a small pet door to allow kittens to pass through safely when you want them to have access to different areas.
    3. Are there cat gates that allow dogs to pass but keep cats contained?

      Yes, we have the cat gate designed with a small pet door that can be adjusted to allow dogs to pass while keeping cats contained. These gates typically feature a door that can be locked or left open, providing flexibility based on your pets' needs. Ensure the pet door is the appropriate size for your dog while being too small for your cat to pass through.