Best Baby Gate Buyer's Guide

As soon as your little one starts crawling or walking, it's time to consider a safety gate. But with so many styles available, what should you know about choosing one and keeping your child safe? How to choose the baby gate? Don't worry, Fairybaby is here to help. We've been making baby gates for over 10 years and let's share our experience with you today! 

What is a Baby Gate?

Baby Gate


But what exactly is a baby gate? Simply put, it's a barrier designed to prevent babies and toddlers from accessing potentially dangerous areas, like stairs or kitchens. Baby gates come in different styles, like those you can easily remove or ones that are permanently fixed. They're an essential tool for childproofing your home, ensuring your child's safety while giving you peace of mind.

Baby Gates Types and Features

Before buying a baby gate for your children, you should know the types and styles of it. You don't want to end up with improper gates for your baby. So to find your perfect baby gates, first learn their types. Here, we'll break down the main types of baby gates: pressure-mounted gates, hardware-mounted gates, and portable/travel gates.

Pressure-Mounted Gates

Pressure-Mounted Gates

Pressure-mounted gates are popular for their ease of use and installation. They work by using pressure to stay in place, which means no drilling into walls. This type of gate is great for temporary or rental situations where you can't make permanent changes. They're ideal for doorways or at the bottom of stairs. However, it's important to note that pressure-mounted gates might not be secure enough for the top of stairs, as they can be pushed out of place with enough force.

Hardware-Mounted Gates

Another common type of baby gate is a hardware-mounted gate. For a more permanent and secure option, hardware-mounted gates are the way to go. These gates are bolted to framing in the walls, making them extremely sturdy. They are the safest choice for the top of stairs. While installation requires more work, the added security is worth it, especially in high-risk areas. These gates often come with features like swing doors, making them convenient for adults to pass through.

Portable/Travel Gates

If you're frequently on the move or need a gate for occasional use, portable or travel gates are your best bet. These gates are lightweight and easy to set up and take down. They're ideal for vacations, visits to grandparents, or even moving around different areas of your home as needed. While they offer convenience, they might not be as robust as permanent gates and are better suited for less hazardous areas.


Where to Use Baby Gates?

After understanding the types of baby gates and their features, now comes to the question. Where should you place a baby gate? This actually affects your decision on which types of baby gates you should buy. The right placement enhances safety, ensuring that your little ones are protected in the most vulnerable areas. Here we have summarized some common areas where baby gates can be a game-changer in childproofing your home.

6 Common Areas for Baby Gates


Stairways are high-risk areas for young children, making baby gates essential. Since they are too small to take stairs, many families would consider a baby gate. For the top of the stairs, hardware-mounted gates are recommended due to their sturdiness and reliability. They provide a secure barrier and can prevent dangerous falls. At the bottom of the stairs, either hardware or pressure-mounted gates can be used, but ensure they are firmly installed and regularly checked for stability.


Kitchens are full of hazards, from sharp objects to hot surfaces. Using baby gates to restrict access to the kitchen is a wise safety measure. Pressure-mounted gates work well here, as they can be easily moved when adults need to access the kitchen. Ensure the gate is tall enough to discourage climbing and has a secure locking mechanism.


While bedrooms may seem safe, they can have hidden dangers like small objects or furniture that can topple over. Baby gates at bedroom doors can keep toddlers in a safe space while sleeping or playing. For shared spaces or siblings' rooms, consider gates that allow easy adult access but keep little ones contained.

Play Areas

Creating a dedicated and safe play area is important. Use baby gates to enclose a space where your child can play without constant supervision. This can be in a living room or a specific playroom. Portable or pressure-mounted gates are ideal for this purpose, as they allow flexibility in creating a contained space.


Windows can often be overlooked as a potential hazard in homes with young children. Kids are naturally curious and may try to climb or lean out of windows, posing a risk of falls. That's why many parents today choose baby gates as window guards, which can be an effective solution to prevent such accidents. These gates, ideally hardware-mounted for strength and stability, can be installed in front of windows to create a barrier. This prevents children from accessing the window, especially in rooms on higher floors. When choosing a gate for this purpose, it's crucial to ensure it fits the window area snugly and is tall enough to prevent climbing over. Additionally, gates with vertical bars are preferable, as they discourage children from attempting to climb.

Fireplace Barriers

Fireplaces can be a major danger for curious toddlers. The combination of heat, flames, and sharp edges makes them an area needing strict supervision. By using a baby gate as a fireplace barrier, you create a safe distance between your child and the fireplace. Hardware-mounted gates are ideal for this purpose, as they offer sturdiness and can often be extended to cover the length of the fireplace area. Some gates are designed specifically for this purpose, with heat-resistant materials and the ability to fit unusual shapes.

Christmas Tree or Holiday Decoration Guards

The festive season brings joy, but also new hazards in the form of Christmas trees and holiday decorations. These attractive items can be very attractive to young children but can pose risks like tipping over, small ingestible decorations, or electrical wires. Using a baby gate to encircle your Christmas tree or a display of holiday decorations keeps these potentially dangerous items out of reach. For this purpose, configurable gates that can form a circle or an irregular shape are perfect. They allow you to enjoy your festive decorations while ensuring your child's safety.

How to Choose the Right Baby Gate for Your Home?

Selecting the perfect baby gate is more than just picking any gate off the shelf. It involves careful consideration of your specific space and perhaps your aesthetic preferences. Here at Fairybaby, we offer you 5 tips on how to choose a baby gate that is not only safe but also fits well with your home environment.

Measuring Spaces for Proper Fit

The first step in choosing a baby gate is to measure the space where it will be placed. Measure the width and height of the opening to ensure the gate you buy fits securely. Remember, an improperly fitted gate can be a safety hazard. Consider the type of gate based on the location - pressure-mounted for normal doorways and hardware-mounted for staircases. 

Considering the Layout and Interior Design

Take into account the layout of your home. If you have an open floor plan, you might need a longer, configurable gate. For traditional spaces, standard gates usually suffice. Also, consider the gate's location – high-traffic areas might require gates with doors that are easy for adults to open.

Matching Baby Gates with Home Décor

Baby gates come in various materials and colors. You don't have to sacrifice style for safety. Choose a gate that complements your home’s décor. Wooden gates blend well with traditional homes, while metal gates suit modern aesthetics. Color-wise, you can opt for neutrals to blend with your surroundings or select a color that matches your interior palette.

Design-Friendly Baby Gates

The market has developed now and there are many design-friendly baby gates that don't look like an eyesore. Some gates feature stylish designs that can virtually act as a part of your home décor. Look for gates with unique patterns, finishes, or that mimic the look of furniture. This way, the gate adds to your home's look while serving its primary function of keeping your child safe. 

What to Consider Before Buying a Baby Gate?

Before buying your baby gate, check the following list one by one to ensure you avoid some unnecessary troubles and get the right gate for your little one. The best gate for you also depends on where and how you plan to use it. For that part you can check the content above. But consider your specific needs and space to make the right choice for your family's safety.

Safety Certifications

Look for gates that meet safety standards and certifications. This ensures they've been tested for strength, size, and durability. Choosing a baby gate with safety certifications is not just a recommendation, but a necessity. So when searching for the best baby gate, look for those with endorsements from recognized safety organizations and check their certifications if possible. Don't be lurred by the low prices! Because cheap goods mean nothing compared to your baby's safety! 

Safety is also what Fairybaby values most, and that's why we sent our gates to testing center and gained the certifications as follows:

Height and Width

Make sure the gate fits your space. A gate that's too short presents an obvious risk, as children can potentially climb over it. Similarly, a gate that doesn't fit the width of your space properly can leave unsafe gaps or be too tight, which may lead to structural weaknesses. For optimal safety, measure your space accurately and choose a gate that fits snugly. The best baby gate for your needs will be one that aligns perfectly with your specific measurements, ensuring no room for error and maximum protection for your child. Some may seek for extra wide/long gates due to the large room. That's why Fairybaby have made baby gates cutomizable! Check out our extra long gate collection

Locking Mechanism

A child-safe locking mechanism is crucial. It should be easy for adults to use but difficult for little hands to open. This feature is crucial to prevent clever toddlers from opening the gate themselves, ensuring they remain safe in designated areas. When selecting a baby gate, test the locking mechanism to ensure it's intuitive for adults but secure against the curious attempts of children.

Material and Durability

Choose a gate made from sturdy materials that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. You want a gate that can stand up to the rigors of everyday use, especially in a household with active children and possibly pets. Materials like metal, solid wood, or heavy-duty plastic are popular choices for their durability. Consider the environment where the gate will be used — indoors or outdoors — and choose a material suited to withstand those conditions. A durable gate is not just a purchase but an investment in your child's ongoing safety.

Top 3 Best Sellers Baby Gate at FairyBaby

FairyBaby Extra Wide Baby Gate, Easy Install Extra Security

FairyBaby Extra Long Baby Gate with Auto Close


Meet our best-selling pressure mounted baby gate! Most of our customers like it because of its extra length! Right now, many families struggle to find a large baby gate to better fit their rooms, and our extra-long baby gate is their best choice. Suitable for openings from 24" to 109", it stands at a convenient height of 30.7". With both CE and CPC certificates, this gate ensures top-notch safety, featuring non-toxic materials and smooth edges for your child's protection. Its one-hand operation and hold-open feature provide effortless accessibility, while the auto-close and auto-lock design add convenience and time-saving benefits. Check more here: FairyBaby Extra Long Baby Gate

FairyBaby Arch-Shaped Décor Gate


FairyBaby Arch-Shaped Décor Gate

If you want a stylish and artistic pressure mounted baby gate, this is the one! With a height of 30 inches and an adjustable width ranging from 29.5 to 84.6 inches, this gate is perfect for a variety of spaces, like stairs, and kitchen in your home. It features a wide 23.5-inch walk-through door, offering more room than standard 20-inch gates, making access smoother and more comfortable. The best part? Arch-Shaped Décor adds a touch of modern and fashion! That's why many moms love it!

Check it out here: FairyBaby Arch-Shaped Décor Gate


FairyBaby Hardware-Mounted Baby Gate


FairyBaby Hardware-Mounted Baby Gate

Some surely don't like pressue mounted gate due to safety issue. That's why we also offer the hardware mounted baby gate. It has all the certificates like the previous baby gates, yet it's tougher and stronger! The gate can be arranged in a variety of ways to fit odd-shaped openings spanning 25"- 152” wide. Easily mounting to the wall, the convenient gate features a 20" walk-through door for a quick pass through. You can easily install it on your wall or stairs without worry about hurting them. 

Check out here: Fairybaby hardware mounted baby gate

In Conclusion

Choosing the right baby gate is not a complex thing. Assess your space, consider your needs, and don't be afraid to opt for a gate that matches your style. With this approach, the baby gate becomes a natural, safe, and stylish part of your family home! If you have any questions when shopping for baby gates, feel free to contact our service team, who can offer you some advice.

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