How to Choose the Right Walk Through Pet Gate for Your Little Fur Balls

Welcoming a new furry 4-legged family member into your home fills it with joy and warmth. But as they explore their surroundings with their curious little paws, it becomes extremely important to ensure their safety. Additionally, you may also want to restrict certain areas of your home from your fur babies for various reasons. The solution? A walk-through pet gate – a simple yet effective way to keep your little fur balls out of certain regions of your home!

In this article, we will guide you on how you can choose the ideal walk-through pet gate tailored for your beloved companions. From playful kittens to spirited puppies, each pet comes with its unique personality as well as needs and quirks. That is exactly why selecting the right pet gate requires careful consideration.

From the dimensions of your living space to the material of the gate, we'll cover it all in simple terms! Additionally, we'll explore essential safety features to ensure that your pets can't outsmart the gate and end up where they shouldn't be. After all, keeping them safe is the top priority!

Join us as we explore the world of walk-through pet gates, empowering you to make a choice that will work out best for both you and your furry companions!

What is a Walk Through Pet Gate?

A pet gate is a structure that is installed in a pathway, designed to keep pets out of a certain region of your home for any reason whatsoever. It is a single structure, much like a railing, usually without any kind of opening or walk-through path. Walk-through pet gates, on the other hand are slightly different.

Unlike regular pet gates that require manual lifting or removal to pass through, walk-through gates feature a hinged door or opening mechanism that allows you to easily walk through it without the need for constant removal. This feature is especially beneficial in high-traffic areas like doorways or hallways. Walk-through pet gates come in various sizes, materials, and designs to accommodate different pet sizes and home décors, and you can explore all these options at FairyBaby!

Why Get a Walk Through Pet Gate?

Getting a walk-through pet gate is like inviting a guardian angel into your home for your furry family members. Imagine never having to wrestle with clunky gates again that need to be forcefully removed!

These walk through pet gates not only keep your pets safe in designated areas but also give you the freedom to move about your home effortlessly. No more hurdles to jump or gates to lift – simply stroll through your pet gate like a breeze. With stylish designs and easy installation, these pet gates will blend seamlessly into your home décor while also ensuring that your fur baby is safe and sound!

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Pet Gate

Here are some factors to consider while choosing a pet gate.

Understand Your Pet's Needs

First and foremost, it is important that you understand your pet’s needs. Pets have personalities – some are adventurous and curious while others are laid back and lazy. In addition to that, different pets can have different athletics – some would easily jump over a regular-sized pet gate while others won’t even bother!

If you have laid-back, lazy fur balls, any regular pet gate would do but for athletic ones that are more likely to jump over your barrier, we recommend the FairyBaby 61" Extra Tall Gate with Extra Wide Walk-Through Door for cats whereas the FairyBaby 40" Extra Tall Auto Close Big Dog Gate for dogs! Because of their good height and sturdiness, both products are ideal options for pets that are curious and athletic.

Assess Your Living Space

Before choosing a walk through pet gate, make sure to properly access your living space especially the place where you want to install the gate. Pet gates are usually installed in doorways or room cross-sections and they can have different widths. The FairyBaby Tall Safety Gate, with Dual-Direction Swing and One-Way Setting Control, is one of our top-sellers that comes in multiple widths.

You can choose widths ranging from 29.5-33.0” to 76.7-86.2” based on the width of the region where you want to install the door. We also offer two height varieties in the product; 30" and 36.6" as well as two color varieties; black and white. The FairyBaby Tall Safety Gate starts at just 98.99$ whereas if you order right now, you’ll also get a $10 discount.

Explore Material Options

As mentioned earlier, pet gates come in different materials such as wood, metal, and plastic and it is important that you choose the right option based on your pet. If you feel like your pet could chew on the gate then it would be better to avoid the wood and plastic variants and go for the metal ones. Similarly, if your little fur ball is not so little and can wreak havoc if it wants to, it would be wise to choose metal. However for small dogs and cats, wood and plastic varieties work just fine!

Safety Features: A Must-Have

From sturdy construction to secure locking mechanisms, safety features are non-negotiables when it comes to selecting the right gate. These features will keep your little furballs out of harm's way while you’re not around! And when it comes to security, there’s no match for FairyBaby’s Extra Wide Pet Gate! With easy installation and extra security, this pet gate comes in a wide range of widths and is highly affordable starting at just $78.99!

Choosing the Right Size

Last but not least, make sure that you choose the right sized pet door so that not only does it fit perfectly in your doorway but is also able to keep your 4-legged family member restrained. We at FairyBaby provide sturdy, long-lasting walk-through pet gates of all sizes. So visit our site right now, explore the options and choose one with the right width and ideal height! 


There's nothing quite like the happiness of adding a little fur ball to your family! However, keeping them safe is a top priority. Walk-through pet gates are the unsung heroes of pet parenthood! They offer not only easy access but also ensure that your little adventurers stay out of trouble. With FairyBaby's wide range of options, finding the perfect pet gate becomes quite a fun task in itself! So visit us right now and choose the right pet gate for your fur babies!

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