Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Pet and Baby Gates

When parents and pet parents are thinking of taking an extra security measure, adding a pet or baby gate is the first step taken. But in the process of making their house safer, people tend to make errors in the installation process. And that ends up making your house more dangerous than before.

Look, when it comes to pet or baby gates there is a lot of attention that is needed. And in many different places! From close monitoring for making sure there's no missing piece, to installing it properly ensuring there are no loose hinges. It is very important to keep your eyes peeled.

You never want to endanger your child or fur baby. And here at Fairybaby we understand that better than anyone! In this guide, you will find out about the most common mistakes that parents can make when installing their gates. And so, you won't have to be one of those people!

Choosing The Wrong Design

Baby Gates

Remember; we have different types of gates for a reason! You can't just pick a random pet gate to place on your stairs.

Some parents make the error of placing a pressure-mounted gate at the top of the stairs instead of using the hardware-mounted pet/baby gate. And because of that you're putting your own child at risk!

Pressure-mounted gates are ideally placed in locations where they are needed for temporary use as it requires no hardware to install them. This makes them easy to remove and install. Putting a pressure-mounted gate in high risk areas can be dangerous as it can be dislodged by determined toddlers.

Hardware-mounted gates are more secure, stable and fixed in a place so they are not moved easily. While hardware-mounted gates provide better protection, the user needs to keep in mind that it needs to be drilled into the wall and is a permanent fix.

If you're looking for more info on hardware mounted gates, just head over to our website.

For Pets

Owners can choose from a wide selection of indoor pet gates to ensure their pet’s safety. For cats, the strategic option would be an extra tall pet gate so as to prevent cats from jumping over the gate as they can jump up to 40 inches. We also offer a refund policy on our products if your cats can jump over our gates, however, a lot of our customers tend to not take this route due to the freestanding pet gates that are installed standing as obstacles on their own.

Similarly, for dogs, a freestanding pet gate is enough at times to restrict them due to their obedience. Owners can install hardware-mounted gates as well if they believe their dog might be able to take down the gates causing any damage to themselves and the gate itself.

Customers can buy different gates and use them in  different areas based on the characteristics of their pet itself, in order to prevent any disasters.

Installation of the Gates

Improper installation can cause safety risks and this can be due to a number of factors like not following the instructions, not securing the gate tightly enough or installing it at the wrong height or angle. Double checking guidelines is crucial when it comes to safeguarding one’s home.

Pressure-mounted gates use the pressure around them to hold together in one place between two door frames or two walls. They feature tension mechanisms which allows you to adjust the pressure of the gate to the customer’s desire or until it is securely wedged in one place. Since these require no drillings, it is easy to remove and install and leave no permanent mark.

Hardware-mounted gates securely attached to walls or other locations via screws or nails. This eases the user into knowing that even their walk-through pet gate is protected. These gates can also withstand a larger force such as medium sized dogs and are typically meant to be used in high traffic areas such as the staircase.

Customers also use different gates for different purposes such as a baby gate with cat doors to allow their baby to interact with them when needed by simply opening the door. Extra tall pet gates such as the 61-inches or 72-inches option can be helpful to obstruct rowdy pets and these are often the freestanding pet gates.

Freestanding pet gates don't need any major installation. And they can easily be moved around. They also come in various sizes and shapes making them adaptable to any environment.

And just like walk-through pet gates, they are super convenient. They come with their own safety-lock mechanisms. So, don't worry; your pets or child will not be able to open the gate on their own.

Regular Maintenance

If you don't take proper care of a pet gate, you can't expect it to last forever. Indoor pet gates can become loose and damaged over time. Especially if they are going through rough treatment.

Imagine not paying enough attention to that gate you put on your stairs. There's no telling when that gate may become flimsy. You don't want to put your baby in danger do you?

Screws, locks and hinges become loose over time, and it is important that one frequently checks their gates in order to find any faults. If not found, these components can make a gate seem flimsy and wobbly and pet gates for stairs could even collapse downwards.

Baby gates with cat doors have locking mechanisms and latches that need to be lubricated for smooth operation. Failure to do so could lead to potential jamming problems making it difficult to open and close gates.

Another thing users need to keep in check is the cleanliness of the gate itself. Keeping an unclean surface can result in dust buildup which could potentially cause dust allergies in pets and toddlers alike. Any pest infestation on gates outdoors needs to be disposed of as quickly as they can be quite hazardous to the health of pets. For example, any termites or fleas on wooden gates.

To Sum it Up

Mistakes can happen easily but avoiding these common mistakes is the key. Taking responsibility when installing these gates will determine how effective and secure your own home feels. We at FairyBaby ensure quality control and fully consider the compatibility of our owners with their gates.

By being mindful of the measures to take at any moment for these gates, users can rest assured that their little fur balls will thrive in a safe and sound atmosphere!

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