Finding The Right Pet Gates for Senior Pets: Here’s What to Look For

Pets are beloved members of our families. Unfortunately, just like us they also grow old. And as they age, our lovely pets also face unique problems both physical and mental. As their caretakers, it is our duty to provide them with a supportive environment that deals with their growing needs.

And a tool to invest in for your senior pets is a pet gate.

Look, whether you have the experience of caring for senior pets or not, there are still so many challenges that you need to overcome. And we all know that it is never going to be easy. Watching our pets grow old is hard; they lived with us for ages! But it cannot be avoided.

You can definitely learn and keep track of some things, and we’ll tell you everything we can. However, remember that you cannot truly prepare to care for senior pets. Each pet will have different problems and different needs. And this also changes the types of indoor pet gate they need.

So, let’s not waste any time and get into understanding what senior pets may need:

Understanding The Needs of Senior Pets

Senior Pets

As our pets grow older, they will go through a lot of physical and cognitive changes. And these changes require special attention and care. When choosing a walk-through pet gate, your pet’s physical problems are a must to consider. Here’s what to look for as you are choosing the perfect pet gate:

Physical Problems

When your pets start growing old, the first change that you will notice is in their energy. Your pet will no longer be the energetic monster it used to be. Instead, it will now spend a lot of its time resting and slowly moving from place to place.

As a result, you will also notice that they will find it hard to go through your normal pet gates. Especially if they are pet gates for stairs or involve any ramps. In that case, you should look towards getting a freestanding pet gate that’s easy to move out of the way for your pet when needed.

Sensory Problems

Just like us humans, as our pets grow older they also face hearing and sight problems. And so, you will notice that they can’t quite figure out what’s around them properly. They may even start bumping into things that they cannot quite clearly see.

Moreover, with the loss in hearing they will also struggle to hear you coming and going. And that is something to get ready for. When you notice your pet starting to lose sight, the clear freestanding gate is no longer a good option. There’s a high chance the pet won’t be able to notice it! Here, consider getting an extra tall pet gate.

Emotional Well Being

Another thing that you will start to notice is your pet experiencing some emotional changes. When your pet was a little baby, it was probably really energetic. Always running around and never really the type to cuddle a lot. However, as they grow older, it is very common for pets to become clingier.

When your pets grow up, they start becoming more anxious with little changes. And that is why they are often looking for reassurance and your companionship. Any changes in your normal routine can definitely stress them up. So, it is very important for you to maintain a stable and familiar living environment.

Comfort Requirements

One thing that we all know is that your pet is definitely going to need a lot of room to rest. When they grow old, resting and laying down comfortably is how they spend their days.

Creating a quiet and peaceful surrounding away from high traffic areas can help reduce your pet’s stress. And pet gates can definitely help provide that. For example, placing pet gates on stairs can stop senior pets from being in a place where they might trip and fall.

What To Look For In Pet Gates For Senior Pets

Pet Gates

When choosing a pet gate, considering your pets’ limitations is important. And we’ve talked about them above. The right pet gate can help ensure their safety while giving them the freedom to move around your home comfortably. Here’s a couple of things that you should consider:

Low Profile Design

It is better to go for gates that are not super fancy. A minimal pet gate makes it easier for your pet to move around. And it lowers the chances of them tripping over anything and injuring themselves.

Opens Easily

You should also look for gates that are easy to open and close. This is especially for pets that may have balance issues. If your pet gate comes with a textured surface, that is even better! It gives senior pets a more stable platform stopping them from slipping and hurting themselves.

Sturdy Design

When selecting a gate, make sure that the door is robust. The last thing your senior pets need is dealing with a door that cannot handle their weight or pressure. A sturdier gate ensures that the gate does not accidentally break while your pet is trying to go through it.


Another very important thing to look at is a gate’s versatility. When looking for pet gates that are shaped uniquely, you will probably come across higher priced gates. This is because not every gate is built to be in different spots. Getting an adjustable pet door gives you the flexibility to change the size and shape to your needs.

The Bottom Line

Pet gates are not just to prevent your old pet from walking in places that they are not supposed to. In fact, these can also guide them to places that you have decorated just for them. And that is why it is important for you to keep your pet’s problems in mind when selecting the perfect gate. With the right gate, you can ensure that your beloved family pet enjoys a comfortable and secure life as they grow older.

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