6 Things You Should Know About Being a Cat Dad

You have made your visits to the adoption centre and now you are thinking of becoming a cat dad. You have your eyes on a special kitten. And they’re the one constant thought you have nowadays. Truth is, becoming a new pet owner is like being a parent. And taking a step like this can be a little daunting.

You can't be a pet owner without thinking about it first. And you need to be sure to provide the kitten with a happy life. After all, we have seen countless pet owners who knew they weren't ready. But still decided to go on with the decision.

The question that you should think about is: Can you give it that life?

Look, the simple answer is, you will never know if you are ready until you make that jump. It is going to be a life changing moment but that does not mean you should be completely unprepared.

Taking care of a cat can seem a little difficult. But actually, it is anything but that! And we’ll let you know about all you should know for your next child. Let’s take a look at some things you need to know about your pet cat:

#1 - Start Protecting Your Fragile House Decor

If you have ever been on the cat side of Instagram or TikTok, there should be one type of reel that continuously plays in your mind. And it is that of cats knocking things over. They love doing that!

Thinking of leaving a cup on top of the table? Or do you see your favourite vase on top of a shelf? Chances are, your cat is going to be very interested in them. And that only means one thing --- It will knock them over. And you want to know what’s worse? They get more interested when you make it harder.

So, we would say that you should take extra care of fragile stuff. If you have another place to keep that vase, do that. And by the time you realise you should have moved it, it will probably be too late.

#2 - Keep Your Plants Out of Reach

If you love keeping plants indoors, then there is a very good chance that you may have to keep your cats away from those. You see, cats are curious pets. They are going to want to explore your house and they will definitely notice your plants.

Now, usually it is not going to be a problem. However, cats do love being in places they are not supposed to be. And that includes your precious plants.

It is important to know that cats and plants rarely ever mix well. A lot of the indoor plants that people love to have are really, really toxic to cats. And cats love biting and eating plants even though they can’t digest them properly.

So, to prevent your cat from falling sick and destroying your plants, keep them out of reach. You can do this by moving your plants to a specific room and installing an extra tall pet gate. We’ll talk more about this later.

#3 - Hide Your Medicines and House Cleaning Supplies

The same rules for plants also apply to any and every medication in your house. Any medicine that you are having for yourself is definitely not meant for your cats. So it is very important for you to be extra careful when you are handling your pills.

Moreover, you should make sure that any house cleaning items should also be kept away from your cats. Anti bacterial sprays are just a type of these items. These sprays are also extremely toxic to your cats.

#4 - Get Ready to Cat Proof Rooms Of Your House

Getting a new cat is like becoming a father to a child. So, you need to prepare for the cat just like for a baby. And that means cat proofing your home.

The best way to start cat proofing is by installing a Fairybaby indoor pet gate. We mentioned this when we talked about hiding your plants. Getting your cat to stay away from your plants is going to be pretty difficult. And it’s even harder if you aren’t paying extra attention to them.

So, why not close the plants off? You can start by installing a freestanding pet gate to keep your cat away.

#5 - Add Everything Your Cat Needs or Say Goodbye to Your Furniture

Usually, when you are at home, you can keep an eye on your cat. As a result, you can also stop them from ruining things. But what happens when you leave?

Your cat is going to need a way to distract itself and with cats, that may not always be the best thing for you. An example of this is your cat’s scratching habits. Cats love scratching things. It is how they express themselves and leave their scent on objects.

And it’s why you should give your kitten all it may need. Such as a scratching post. If not, you can say goodbye to your leather sofas or cotton carpets.

#6 - Get Ready to Make Some Unneeded Purchases

We know we said give your cat everything. But when you do this, you need to be ready to make some purchases that are not going to pay off.

The specialty of kittens is that they are very easily satisfied. At least sometimes. You may want to give your pet everything, like getting them the most comfortable beds. But the truth is that cats will at times not want the object that you got for them. No matter how expensive it may be.

It’s like the famous kitten saying, ‘If I fits, I sits.’ Simply put, your cat might just end up incredibly happy with a cardboard box in the corner of your room.

The Bottom Line

Being a cat dad is never going to be easy. You need to be ready to put in a lot of hard work and combine that with a lot of patience. Sometimes you are going to be really angry with everything they do. And other times it is the most rewarding experience ever.

However, we are sure that you are going to love your life with them. You are making a friend for longer than you think. And with these tips you are readier than ever. So, good luck to you and your new feline friend!

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